CroxyProxy Unlock Your YouTube, instagram and facebook Video

If you are facing any problem watching any video, then today I am going to tell you all about such an app or free Croxy Proxy server. The name of the website is Coroxyproxy. Go to the free proxy server and paste the VIdeo URL there, and you can watch any private or premium video on your phone.

What is Croxy Proxy?

So, friends, here I would like to tell you that a proxy server is a server that today connects an internet user to the internet. A proxy server works like an intermediary, like a channel, like a source Imagine that you have done something on the internet using Google. Now, when you are searching for this computer, the proxy server there takes your request and sends it.

What is the server on the server that has the information that you are searching for?

The proxy server takes your request there and, from there, brings the information relevant to you that you are searching for. And you want to access your device safely, then friends, you can say that the proxy server works as a channel for all of us internet users, so friends, here if we talk about that if you access the internet and also the proxy server. Yes, friends, you have some benefits.

How to Use CroxyProxy for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook


Follow these steps to use Croxy proxy server

Step 1: Open CroxyProxy Site

Step 2: You can easily access any website by searching on the search bar

If you have trouble watching any video on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, then you can copy the link to that video and paste it here to watch it comfortably.

Top 5 Best CroxyProxy server list [for YouTube and Instagram]

S.No. Website status check
1 Working
1 Working
2 Working
3 Working
3 Working

The right way to use croxyproxy youtube instagram

Turn on mobile and connect different mobile WIFI

Add Network Search “” double click and tap on “OPEN”

croxy proxy

Select crome browser

open google Crome browser and search CroxyProxy

Open “croxyproxy”serverCroxyProxy Instagram

With the help of this Quick link below you can easily open whatever you want to open like YouTube instagram and tiktok

Advantages of CroxyProxy Server

The first advantage is that whatever term you search here, and whatever proxy server is there, it searches the term from within itself. And if the client is searching, then there is no need to go to the server again because whatever I searched is on this computer, and some other client has also searched it, so whatever I searched is available to me. The server brought this information, and it will send it to other clients.

Secure your IP address:

When your request goes to the server, your IP address also goes there. So if you search for any information, whatever information you want, it will be on the server. Your IP address will reach there as well. If your mobile goes away and your internet remains, it is very important. If it gets into the hands of a hacker, he can take over your connection. So, friends, here is a proxy server that provides security.

What is our IP address here? Apart from this, if you want to access any website on the internet that you do not want on your device or want to view it from there,

Block third-party websites.

You can block that website using a proxy server. By doing that, friends, these were some of the benefits of using a proxy server. I hope that now you have understood what a proxy server is, how it works, and what its benefits are.

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